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How can I help?? How can I be an ally?

We had a great show on Friday for those of you who joined us! We had two great guest in, Bruce Herron & Emery Moorehead. Two former NFL Players & strong contributors to their communities. The two brought great insight for the space our country is in. SO how can you help or even how do you navigate what is going on around ALL of us. I have put together a few steps that Faith. Family. Focus suggested would be helpful to those who were eager to learn. Acknowledge: Take time to l

Mental Health & Anxiety- College Athletes

Welcome F3 fans! For those of you who follow our wonderful show, know who I am. But for those of you who do name is Faith Suggs. I am co-host for the wonderful show, Faith. Family. Focus, along with my wonderful dad Shafer. If you're on our site you have endless opportunities to check in on our many shows. Our show covering Mental Health in College Athletes, drew so many strong questions from our great viewers so I thought it was only right to dive into it some more!

Navigating race as a Bi-racial person...

Whew, race... the word puts a lot of people on edge these days. Don't worry I am hear to ease that feeling and hopefully help you see race in a new light. SO far 2020 has sucked. Kobe & Gi Gi passed away in January, a pandemic rocked our world & Black People & people of color are still getting murdered by Police Officers. SIGHHHHHH Yes, it is a race thing. Don't worry I'll say it for you because I am not afraid to. It's okay, I wasn't always great with all this either. I am j

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