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How can I help?? How can I be an ally?

We had a great show on Friday for those of you who joined us! We had two great guest in, Bruce Herron & Emery Moorehead. Two former NFL Players & strong contributors to their communities. The two brought great insight for the space our country is in.

SO how can you help or even how do you navigate what is going on around ALL of us.

I have put together a few steps that Faith. Family. Focus suggested would be helpful to those who were eager to learn.

  1. Acknowledge: Take time to look around and see that there is a problem in our country. Black & Brown people are oppressed & this has been happening for 400+ years. Most importantly, Black people are dying at the hands of the police. The people that are supposed to protect & serve while upholding the laws placed before us. Black people in society & the police is not something that is new. If Black people aren't killed they are often tossed in an incarceration system that is unfair, and lacks funding to help inmates make a second chance for themselves or even get a fair trial. This is all a result of systematic racism. We need to acknowledge that it is the problem. SEE THE ISSUE. Click the link.

  2. Have Uncomfortable Dialogue: This country cannot survive if people are silent. Right now is a time of change. Your voice matters. But one of the major reservations in a lot of alleys is the fear of being wrong or saying the wrong thing. An anxiety in being torn down for saying something that isn't right. It is okay to be wrong as long as you present it with effort. The effort to learn what is right and have open ears towards those who are oppressed. Make yourself uncomfortable. That is the space in which you grow. Pull aside friends and talk through questions you have. Take time to learn by talking with people.

  3. Educate: Read, watch and invest. Take the time to read books that breaks down what systematic racism is. Take the time to watch movies: The Help, The Color Purple, 13th!!!!!!, Freedom Writers, Malcolm X, Fruitvale Station, Just Mercy & BlacKKKlansman. These are ALL great movies to introduce you to the issue. Not only are these all great movies, they are easy ways to learn or even grasp ideas that maybe you cannot wrap your head around. You can also read books by black authors, my favorite is, Their Eyes are Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. Trust me you'll thank me after you read it.

These are just 3 steps that can help a lot. Open your heart to learn something new. Make yourself uncomfortable and listen. It is okay. Because you're growing just like everyone else during this time. You have power, how will you use it?

Thank you for taking the time to read! Please like or comment your thoughts!


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