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Mental Health & Anxiety- College Athletes

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Welcome F3 fans! For those of you who follow our wonderful show, know who I am. But for those of you who do name is Faith Suggs. I am co-host for the wonderful show, Faith. Family. Focus, along with my wonderful dad Shafer. If you're on our site you have endless opportunities to check in on our many shows.

Our show covering Mental Health in College Athletes, drew so many strong questions from our great viewers so I thought it was only right to dive into it some more!

Being a college athlete-How do they stay sane?

Four years at Duke was a blessing! Free education, experience, travel and memories. But at the end of the day being an athlete does not make people immune to the pressures of life. Below is the very pressures I am talking about.

SO here is what I think. Because I know you are all dying to hear what I am going to say. ;)

NCAA and colleges needs more. The stigma behind mental health is only slowly shedding away. Mental Health is not a negative but more something we need to surround ourselves in more. Learn, teach and communicate what we learn about it. For me, my experience as a young child did involve the topic of mental health. So I also did not know enough.

Behind the walls of a University, the pressures of life close in easily even when we are not expecting. Can you remember those times? The fun of college but the constant thoughts of future sitting right in front of me

How to help your loved ones?

Provide a safe space! Understand the signs and show support not fear. It is scary to navigate new waters but try. Create a place of communication that is easy and natural. But also have the talks that are hard. You may help someone by stepping into the uncomfortable space. Also, DO YOUR RESEARCH, learn for others not just for you. Smash the stigma with facts.

Prayer & comfort goes a long way with someone who is searching for answers. That's it.

Love you guys! Keep tuning in! We see you!

Book Suggestion: The Shack by William P. Young


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